How did they find out you had it? 

Sometimes there is something about you that make your parents or the doctors think you just might have Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia or CAH for short. This could happen at any age and depends on what sort of CAH you have.

  • Boys can be diagnosed with CAH soon after birth as baby boys with CAH can become particularly unwell. The next time can be when you are a child and you start your puberty earlier than you should do.
  • If you have other family members with CAH the doctors will be on the look out to see if you have the condition and may diagnose it before you become unwell or develop any signs.
To confirm whether you have CAH they check whether you have a problem by measuring hormones produced by the adrenal glands in the blood to see if the levels are normal, high or low and by checking your genes also done by a blood test.

Questions you could ask your doctor or nurse

  • When did they find out that I had a problem?
  • What was it particularly that made the doctors check whether I had a problem?
  • Can you tell me about my gene results?